Savitri Painting

Paint Your Soul

Savitri Painting is a method to move inward into greater depths of your being through art, music and poetry. It is a means of sensing your soul movements and expressing them through painting. This is an opportunity to learn to see the unfolding of your soulscape and further refining your aesthetic sense.


Founder & Core Facilitator

Divyanshi is an Aurovilian & an executive of Auroville Campus Initiative. She developed the process of Savitri Painting during the Covid 19 Lockdown and pioneered the first 12-week Savitri Painting journey. She feels Savitri is a Force of Transformation, and by combining reading Savitri with painting and music, one accelerates its natural process. 


I received quotes and paintings that touched the essence of questions that I have been holding for more than 6 years.. how can I be a better instrument and what should I do?


With every circle I painted, a new infinity, a new layer, a new colour emerged..

Felt like a light has touched my life..


I found my Divine: Universe and Nature through the process of Savitri painting and observing the whole journey end to end..


My journey began with a jumping vital and through Savitri painting, silence became a part of me and became the biggest opening..


I felt calmer, centred and more grounded. I felt like a process of evolution was happening..felt an opening within... felt like coming in touch with truth


Through Savitri Painting, I received messages about my current position and journey in life. I was able to hold infinity and receive in silence, in complete stillness within..  


Why Savitri Painting?


Savitri is one of Sri Aurobindo's longest poems, over 24000 lines long. Sri Aurobindo is a ground-breaking sage and poet in the Indian spiritual history. He called Savitri the "mantra for the transformation of the world." By combining the most powerful poetry with painting and music, one finds a potent means for the education of the soul. Poetry raises the emotions and painting stills the emotions. Poetry and painting together brings a still dynamism in the being. And when this poetry is the luminous words of Savitri, it has a transformative power for those who can receive.

What is the Savitri Painting course?

This is a 1-month online course wherein you will paint lines from the classic poem Savitri, and learn how to use this process for inner growth and discovery of the soul. 

In this course, people from all over join from their respective homes to rejoice in coloured radiances, open a new realm within by connecting to the luminous words of Savitri and discover their inmost self. 

What will we learn?

• How to dive deeper into "colours" to find ourselves
• Painting as a meditative practice, a practice for self-development

• How to read Savitri in the most beneficial and transformative way

• Power of collective aspiration and practice

What is the Timetable?

How many people will participate in one course?


Each cohort will have 12 participants.

How much time will I need to commit every week?


7 hours

Who can participate?


Anyone with

- An open heart and soul aspiring to discover oneself

- A familiarity with Savitri and/or Sri Aurobindo's works

- A willingness to commit to participating in all sessions, weekly tasks as well as practice-in-pairs

- Very comfortable with the English language

What are the materials required?

  1. A physical copy of Savitri. Preferably “Savitri: A Legend and a Symbol Paperback – Crown Size 2009 Edition” 

  2. Watercolours, watercolour paper & brush. If you do not have, buy Brustro Artists' Watercolour. It is highly recommended, not compulsory. If not possible, pick any set of colours and paper.  

  3. A new journal/diary and a pencil

  4. Diya/Agarbatti, if possible.

Can I apply even if I am not an artist?


Absolutely, most certainly. The process is not focusing on "skill" at all in fact. If you are an artist, you are welcome. If you are not an artist, you are welcome.

How much is the Contribution for the Course?


Rs. 5100 (inclusive of GST)

How can I apply?


Upcoming batches are now full. To be notified about future batches, kindly express your interest through this short google form:

In case I have any questions, whom do I contact?

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