Immerse yourself in transformative learning experiences to discover yourself and build a new world

The Disha Desk

Find direction for further learning

Are you an Auroville youth looking for learning opportunities in Auroville? At Disha Desk, we provide mentoring, connection with learning opportunities, apprenticeships, or resource people in Auroville, and support in any steps to be taken towards accessing further learning in or out of Auroville (creation of portfolios, CVs, etc) on demand.

The Integral Education Portal

Become an integral facilitator

Whether you are a lifelong learner looking to continually develop yourself integrally, or a facilitator struggling to understand how to embody the new paradigm of education, Integral Education Portal is the place for you. It provides you with a rich essential and applied understanding of the five principal aspects of the human being: the physical, the vital, the mental, the psychic and the spiritual, and supports you in developing them in your being.

Auroville Campus Platform

Find the course(s) of your choice, design your unique path of transformative learning

Whether you are looking for courses in your field of work, or transformative learning experiences, or designing your own unique learning journey with a variety of short-courses, Auroville Campus Platform is the place for you. The Auroville Campus Platform brings together a thriving diversity of courses offered by Auroville all in one place so you can find the right course for yourself - your unique entry to the world of transformative learning.