ACI is pioneering integral higher education to transform the paradigm of University education through transformative programmes and facilitate the emergence of Auroville as a Univers-city.

Since the last eight years, we have initiated several courses such as Swadharma and Svadhyaya catalysing powerful transformations in students with a view of creating an education where one can grow and develop without losing contact with their soul and find their true calling. 

With this experience, in 2021, we are taking our next big step. We are creating a one-year long programme in Auroville which aids deep individual and social transformation

As we now take the leap into the future, we need your collaboration. Come, we invite you to invest in the future! With just 2020 people donating an amount of Rs. 2020 each before the end of 2020, we will have approximately Rs. 40 lakh, seed funding enough to make our shared dream come true. 

So please give and give whatever you can, Rs. 2020, more or less - to build an education that our youth deserves and the world needs. Your contribution today will pave the way for transforming education and birthing a new world. Give from your heart with the donation link below. Your support could sponsor one of our students!


You can also support the work of ACI by offering your skills, time, and energy. If you wish to volunteer with us, please write to us at

If you believe in what we do, please share this story with your friends and relatives. This is as much an awareness message as it is a fund-raiser.