Learning Labs

Auroville has 200+ units that have been started by inspired and motivated individuals, some as a response to fulfill the community's needs, while some as a creative expression of their deepest calling. Ranging from over 2 dozen farms, 1200+ acres of regenerated forest land, new forms of governance, design, tech, energy, art, theatre, integral yoga, consulting, counseling, communication, languages, education, film making, coffee, architecture & planning, mobility, bodywork, yoga, healing, ATB, and many more, the labs are a reflection of the diverse interests and cultures of the individuals behind running them. These labs enable the ground for learning with practitioners from their wealth of experience, which they joyfully like to share with aspiring learners. A creative combination of learning activities can help the learner get closer to their true potential. We've in place an integral framework (goes to pedagogy page) to help the learner understand and curate their unique mix.