Francesco was born in Italy in 1988. Since very young he practiced several kinds of sports. Besides his passion for sports, he has always been interested in philosophy and spirituality. This brought him to discover Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s work, which then led him to Auroville. In 2008 he quit his snowboarding career as well as his studies on education at the University of Torino and moved to Auroville, where he started working with kindergarten level children. Soon after he discovered ATB and he got trained in it directly by the creators of the method. Since then he has been deepening his knowledge and widening his practice of ATB by giving classes in the schools of Auroville to more than 200 children between age 3 and 11 as well as facilitating workshops and training for adults in several countries such as Italy, Spain, USA, and Argentina. Francesco is also a certified Somatic Movement Educator graduated by the Ingle Institute of Somatic Education. He studied Hypnotherapy, Silva Method, Psychosynthesis and had been practicing Iyengar yoga for several years.


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