Divyanshi Chugh

Divyanshi is an executive of Auroville Campus Initiative (https://aci.auroville.org). Divyanshi was studying social policy at the University of Oxford when it became clear to her that she needed to get out of the system to make any real change. She felt something was fundamentally wrong with the mainstream systems, and social policy was only a band-aid solution. Thus, she left the prospect of studying at Cambridge and came to India. Her search in India led her to delve deeper into Indian spirituality, in particular consciousness-based psychology. Eventually, she realised what she thought of as “fundamentally wrong” is the human consciousness that needs to evolve, because unless there is a fundamental change in Consciousness, the outer systems cannot embody any lasting change. Today, she is curating several courses on inner transformation and integral yoga psychology. At Auroville Campus Initiative, she designs curriculum and facilitates courses based on the foundation of inner transformation (e.g., Swadharma & Svadhyaya), manages the organisation, oversees the work of different teams and executes different projects in alignment with ACI’s vision of re-imagining higher education. She is also the co-founder of the Integral Education Portal (https://ie.auroville.org). She loves to paint, dance, write poetry, read Savitri and make flower mandalas.


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