After obtaining his engineering degree from the University of Pune, he moved to USA allured by the promise of an upwardly mobile life in the West. While studying in business school at Chicago, serendipitous encounters with guides from different wisdom traditions reawakened a shift within from seeking profit and pleasure towards seeking purpose. After completing his studies, Sheetal went on an open-ended pilgrimage for a few years, finally going back to Pune in 2007 and transforming his family home into the Urban Ashram which was a kindergarten of sorts for spiritual toddlers like himself. After a decade of facilitating learning workshops, yoga classes, talks, music events, retreats, and community events at Urban Ashram, Sheetal received an inner calling to shift base to Auroville and deepen his yoga practice amongst the birds, bees and trees. Sheetal is inspired by St Francis' quote "It is in giving that we receive" and has served in generosity based projects such as Service Space, Moved by Love and Giftival. He is most passionate about the potential of songs, stories and stillness to inspire change and curates an online newsletter called Maitri Tunes.


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