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Giulio has vast experience working as a geo-archaeologist for decades in Italy and few other Countries in Asia. He has a degree in Geology from University of Milan and Diploma in Soil Micromorphology, I.T.C from Gent, Belgium. He will be mentoring students working on “Water Monitoring” Projects

Mukta Martens

Mukta has a master’s degree in Water Security and International Development from University of East Anglia, UK and a B.A. in Geography and International Relations. She has worked in private & public sectors and has experience in the legal sector, foreign policy, academic research and data analysis. She will be mentoring students working on “Water Governance” projects

Aditi Rosegger

Aditi now pursuing doctoral research in Sustainable Futures through the Institute of Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology Sydney has a BSc and MSc in Geo-ecology (environmental sciences) from University of Potsdam, Germany. She is a member of the Auroville Water Group and will be mentoring students working on “Water Governance" Projects


Ing-Marie, with an MA, Environmental Studies from Skidmore College, New York and BA, International Environmental Studies, from University of Washington joined Auroville in 2005. For over a decade, she instructed semester-abroad programs, helping undergraduate students navigate the cultural and environmental complexities of South Asia. She will be mentoring Students working on “Water Awareness” Projects

Ken Vanosky

Ken is an International Business Consultant with experience in managing companies, domestic and international financial markets and in over twenty countries worldwide in the management of foreign operations, international business development and structuring international financing. His focus in the nonprofit world is on social enterprise, public-private partnerships, strategic technologies, and development of facilities. His contribution to ACI includes guiding the fundraising team, reviewing fundraising proposals and identifying prospective funders.

Srijan Gupta

Srijan is a doctor by profession and presently working as a health worker in Delhi, looking at bridging the gap between gross and subtle healing. His interests are dance, theater, writing, football, percussion, frisbee. He cares about environmental pollution. He is the batch coordinator for Swadharma 6.

Rupal Pareek

Rupal Pareek works with Infosys Ltd. She is a learner who loves to explore the hidden potential of things. Her interests are travelling, art, photography, writing, yoga, learning new things, collaborating on ideas, listening and talking about deep authentic experiences. She is the batch coordinator for Swadharma 3.

Anoushka Kumar

Anoushka is an artist. She is a student at the Barcelona academy of art. She loves music, writing songs, expression of emotions through art, nature and being a part of a community. She cares about women’s empowerment. SHe is the batch coordinator for Swadharma 3.

Himanshu Gupta

Himanshu is a free-thinking storyteller. A child rights defender, he is working with Auroville Safeguarding and Child Protection Service for the creation of a nurturing society where children can grow to their full potential. Himanshu likes to spend time gardening and reading non-fiction books. He is also interested in growing as a spiritual being and enjoys meeting people. Himanshu contributes to the backend operation of the Swadharma directory app and he is currently based out of Auroville.

Anuradha Daswani

A perpetual learner, Anuradha is an educator working in the social sector. With a keen interest in entrepreneurship and sustainability, she recently acquired a passion for gardening. Anuradha, by her admission, is an introvert and she spends her evenings staring at the moon and stars. She supports day to day operation of the Swadharma directory app and is currently based out of Nagpur.

Saurabh Jain

Saurabh is a socially responsible individual striving to live consciously. He is committed to the cause of environmental conservation and believes in peaceful coexistence with nature. Saurabh currently lives in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Pursuing his interest in product development, he works as a Product Manager. And, he contributes to the development and maintenance of the Swadharma directory application. Saurabh is interested in travel, reforestation, permaculture, sustainability, fitness, and well-being.

Hiteshree Das

Hiteshree is an interdisciplinary design practitioner. Her interests vary from spatial design to furniture and textile design. She is driven by curiosity and inspired by the cultural experiences she’s had while living in different parts of the country. She’s currently working towards her love for Indian aesthetics and history. She aspires to bring her interests together in a manner that can serve the society in ways through education, design and documentation. Hiteshree, along with Ananya organises the weekly Swadharma sharing circles.


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