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Transformative Learning 

for an Integral Living

Discover your creative potential by restoring your relationships with self, society, and nature. Learn by doing in a rich ecosystem of practitioners birthing a beautiful world.

Ultimately, higher education should aim at the creation of a new society —non-violent and non-exploitative — consisting of highly cultivated, motivated and integrated individuals, inspired by love for humanity and guided by wisdom.

UNESCO World Declaration on Higher Education for the 21st Century


The Fundamental Challenge of Our Time

In a world of harsh competition and rapidly evolving disruptive technologies, individuals and institutions are under increasing pressure to adapt, or perish. This has created a degenerative and self-destructive global culture that is breaking down our relationships with Nature, society, and self resulting in ecological, economic, and psychological crises at a systemic level. However, attempts to solve these challenges are largely done through economic and technological interventions.

The real problem of humanity is the following: we have paleolithic emotions; medieval institutions; and god-like technology.

We are not merely facing an economic or technological problem but the challenge of transforming our psychological nature for an integral living in which Nature, society and self are in harmony with each other. Then only our god-like technologies can support the wellbeing of the planet and its people and serve our collective evolution. This is the fundamental challenge of our time and Auroville Campus Initiative is pioneering transformative learning for an integral living.

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